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My name is Celyn Wynn-Griffiths and I am from Cheshire, a county located in the southern part of Manchester, England.

I have a typically welsh name as my family are originally from a small town called Borth-Y-Guest in North Wales where we have a holiday home.

In June 2017 I graduated from the University of Birmingham where I studied Modern Languages (Spanish and French) with Business Management.

As part of my degree I did a 6 month study exchange at L’Universite de Lyon and La Universidad de Almeria.

I am currently living in Gracia with another conversation assistant who is alsoworking at a school in the centre of Barcelona.

I have settled into the school well and I am enjoying getting to know all the students, helping them with their English.

I look forward to working with the students during these next months. As it is the first time I have visited the region of Catalunya.

I am enjoying getting to know the culture; during the upcoming months  I plan to visit other areas in the region.